Omnii Website Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy pertains to this website and not the Omnii mobile application. The Omnii mobile application has its own Privacy Policy that can be viewed in the app or here.

Web Analytics

Omnii uses Matomo to perform web analytics on our website. Matomo is a privacy-focused web analytics tool installed locally so we are the only ones that can view the web analytics data we collect. The information we collect is only used to aid us in understanding our target audience and help us enhance the website for better user experience. Data collected on this website includes visitor IP address, country, web browser, operating system, device information (such as desktop/mobile, screen size), webpages visited, and actions taken on the website. Data collected on this website is never shared with any third parties and data is automatically deleted 180 days after generation.

Do Not Track (DNT) Requests: We respect web browser Do Not Track requests. So if you have that the Do Not Track option checked in your web browser settings, we do not collect any web analytics information about your visit to our site.

Email Signup

Omnii uses Mailchimp to manage our email list. Your email is only collected if you deliberately choose to send it to us. We do not share our email list with any other parties.

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy on our website, please feel free to contact us via email.