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Hello Omnii people! In this How To post we will be going over deleting a text message on Omnii – the app where you Own Your Data!

While using Omnii, you are able to track your text messages, attachments, and social media posts that are sent to other Omnii users. Since you know what peoples’ phones have your data, you are able to delete your text messages, attachments, and social media posts from EVERYWHERE. Everywhere? Everywhere. Crazy, I know.

So, let’s get into how to do this…

Let’s first assume that you have already sent an encrypted text message to your friend, Alice, that you want to delete.

In this example you were having an incredibly corny, pun-filled conversation with your crush Alice when your best friend stole your phone and texted her, telling her how much her feet smell…. OH NO! HE’S RUINED YOUR CHANCES WITH ALICE! But wait… you’re texting her with Omnii and you can just delete that embarrassing text from her phone.

Step 1. Select the text message you want to delete

When you select the text message, the message’s quick action menu will popup.

Step 2. Select the Delete icon

Step 3. Select delete message from Everywhere

Selecting “Everywhere” will delete the message from all Omnii devices it has been sent to. Selecting “Here” will only delete the message from your phone.


The message is deleted from your device and her device!

Additionally, if she had seen the message and sent it to anyone else, it would also delete from their devices and anyone they sent it to, and so on and so forth….

The ability to delete your messages from others’ devices is another example of how Omnii allows you to Own Your Data!

If you have any questions about how to delete your messages from others’ devices or want to know more about how you can Own Your Data with Omnii, feel free to follow our Twitter or LinkedIn accounts, or reach out to us via email at!

Join the Omnii Beta

Omnii is currently in the early development and testing phase: Beta. If you are interested in being part of the first group of users of Omnii you can download the Omnii Beta from the Google Play Store and start Owning Your Data today!

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